Availo Is a system to control the working hours of employees using internet of things (IOT) technique through face recognition or voice recognition for each employee, you do not need more than a smartphone to make sure they are present and on time

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Why Availo

Because time is the capital of the company, and continues development is one of the cornerstones of the success. you have more than one reason to choose Availo

Easy installation
No need for connections , cabling . Just smart phone can do the job
Extraordinary proficiency
Ability for thousands of employees to attend without waiting
Complete control
Easy manage and control departments and branches anywhere, anytime
Quick and live access to the employee’s attendance data and reports
Easy employee registration
Flexible and repetitive time schedules
High accuracy with face and voice recognition using IOT technology.
Low Cost
No need for frequent maintenance
Competitive price compared to other system
Portable Device
Not fixed Place of attendance.


Proving identity and locations together
Voice and face recognition
Portable device
Live reports
No wires No connections No construction
Flexible Time schedule