Recently, a set of new technologies competes in the mobile developers world in a trendy way to prove their entitlement to be used in developing mobile applications. However, most of these technologies concentrate on the UI part and how it should reflect the data.

Ishaq Sandouqa


The Strategy design pattern is a behavioral design pattern that allows you to define a family of algorithms, encapsulate each one as an object, and make them interchangeable at runtime. 

Hasan Dibas



أهم ما تحتاج معرفته عن الأمن السيبراني وأمن المعلومات

ما هو الأمن السيبراني؟ وما الذي تعرفه عن أمن المعلومات؟ ما الفرق بينهما؟

Musab AlKharabsheh

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